We spent a whole day filming this small but great exhibition that is being hosted by Lady Sew & Sew at Henley on Thames.

Founded by Lady Anne Tree in 1997, Fine Cell Work trains men and women in prison to do high-quality, paid needlework in the long hours spent in their cells.

Last night we were fortunate enough to meet up with and interview Tracy Chevalier who is a leading author and patron of Fine Cell work – indeed she commissioned a quilt entitled the Sleep Quilt which was made by 60 men and women from 9 different prisons – and this is on display in the exhibition.

There was standing room only at the talk – so well done Lady Sew & Sew.

The other highlight of the exhibition is the Cell Quilt – which is a life-size representation of a real cell for two men.

As well as quilts on display there is a small pop-up shop of items made by the prison stitchers.

The exhibition runs until 27th April.

For more information visit: Lady Sew & Sew.


4_tracy-chevalier-3 - Valerie Nesbitt - valerie

Picture of Val & Tracy in a corner of the warehouse prior to the talk- picture taken by Matt Bigwood