Val:  A day to remember I think;  Jennie was busy teaching and I met the boys from at 8.45 with their entry passes.   Hubby was drafted in to cope with selling Jennie’s books on her stand as well as membership to complete with golfing hat – I have to say he did well!! (not sure I’ll get him to do it again, not because he did anything wrong;  more about now he knows what he’s in for!!!)   Manning a stand is a constant with so many visitors, but I have to say you are all so lovely and you did treat him kindly – including the lady whose credit card he wrecked (I am SO sorry!!!)

The team and I had a wonderful day filming exhibitions for you to enjoy as well as a few quilts that I just stopped infront of because they spoke to me.   We were thrilled to speak to Pauline Ineson who won the P&Q Traditional Quilt category (she had her own little booth there so we stole her away for a few minutes).   More info on what we got up to in the newsletter.

Once the show closes we need to drop the stand; load all the unsold goodies into the van (from the Creative Quilting stand that is); and then drive home;  long day ontop of the previous 3.   Wonder why we do it?  Yes we ask ourselves that question too, but we have put next year in the diary already – hope to see you there.

Note the dates for next year: – 11th-14th August 2011