I look forward to Fridays and seeing what is new! from Anna
Jan 2014


Hi – I found all the videos of the Sampler series.  Thanks
You have a wonderful site.
Nancy (Jan 2014)


I am so glad I have joined you. Excellent web site packed with even more than I expected ie mixed media and such. I had not used PayPal for at least a year and hadn’t the passwords but that wasn’t a problem-easily sorted and instant access to you guys. I have spent the last 3 hours looking at the content and there is loads more to see. —-so I writing here to say thank you.
Sarah  (Jan 2014)


Hello and a Happy New Year to you all
Just to let you know that I love the new website – it’s easier now to know which are the most recent items and videos.
Anna (Jan 2014)
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