For the past 7 years Christina Henri, artist in residence at the Female Factory in Hobart, has been orchestrating one of the world’s largest art works. Now it is nearing completion and it is time to take it to the next level. This is going to support Hobart and help transform Tasmania into a powerhouse of creativity. I am writing to you because she has been in contact with you over the past few years.


25,566 bonnets

With your help Christina is creating 25,566 christening bonnets, one for each woman transported from Great Britain or Ireland in the 1800’s. So far people all over the world have created more than 22,000.
When the last of the bonnets are made they will be taken on a sailing boat to Sydney. From there they will be flown to London for a blessing in a London cathedral. On their return to Australia they will form the centrepiece of a permanent exhibition.

25,566 records online

Christina is in Ireland getting another 800 bonnets from Dublin. When she gets back we will start work on an online website with one page for each woman. You will be able to discover your convict past and curate your ancestor’s page adding details about yourself and your family. One in four Australians have convict heritage and many are unaware of it.


So if you have sewn a bonnet and want to be involved you can contact

Bill Aronson

Roses from the Heart, 45 Louden St,
South Hobart, TAS 7004