Val: This is one of those dates in history that everyone knows where they were – just like the day President Kennedy was shot and Princess Diana lost here life.

I can remember not only where I was back in 2001 when the dreadful news came through but also where I was last year – I was in Canada – and since I was over in North America the TV was saturated with coverage of the events of rememberance;   how much more so will they be this year?  I was very moved by those events of rememberance but also fascinated to learn of the way quilters have dealt with this tragedy and the significance and value  that has been granted to them by the government and the American people;

The America’s 9-11 Memorial Quilts project was initiated by Jeannie Ammermann to honor victims of the September 11, 2001 attacks on the United States. Jeannie’s desire to memorialize the terror victims evolved into a multi-quilt project that has attracted volunteer quilters from throughout the country. Several quilts have been finished and dedicated, including a large, 3-panel quilt stitched in memory of everyone who died on 9-11. The project is definitely a labor of love for the quilters who are involved with it. Be sure to take a look at their wonderful work.

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