TASTER: Make Ravioli Quilts with Paula Doyle

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TASTER: Make Ravioli Quilts with Paula Doyle

Paula is on a mission to utilise left over scraps from blue jeans and ravioli squares fit the bill.


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Jeans, t-shirts, flannel and left over scraps of wadding provide the materials for this up-cycle project, resulting in a block that can be stitched into any size of quilt.

Paula makes the most of old clothes by cutting around seams to make 6″ squares. She then pairs them with 5″ wadding off-cut squares.  She demonstrates a variety of quilting techniques to fix the fabrics together. This is a great way to practice free motion quilting, appliqué, fabric puff, and decorative stitching on a variety of blocks.

You have the option to make this block using the ravioli template or by making a simple template from template plastic, all of which are available on our website.

The blocks can be pieced together to make picnic blankets, concert quilts, or hugs. Utilising old clothes is an ideal way to make memory quilts for loved ones.

This comprehensive workshop on making simple ravioli squares is available to our subscribed members.

Paula has many ideas to up-cycle jeans:  watch her video on boro fabric.

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