TASTER: Couching Goldwork with Kathleen Laurel-Sage

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TASTER: Couching Goldwork with Kathleen Laurel-Sage

A delightful and comprehensive introduction to this form of embroidery from Kathleen.


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Kathleen takes you through all the steps needed to create this lovely design (which also comes as a kit so you can start straight away!).

In this comprehensive workshop Kathleen takes you through how to transfer your design onto your fabric; shows you how to load this into your embroidery hoop correctly; and then talks you through the order of sewing – a little like Applique you need to now which bits go on first.

You also get to learn about the threads Kathleen likes to use;  there is a great tip on how to cope with the points on the design; how to finish off; the order of stiching and tips on how to use metallic threads and finally why Kathleen likes to use acrylic paint instead of leather!

Finally she has a suggestion that you might like to use this little piece of embroidery to adorn the top of a box.

She may be a rebel but the finished result if gorgeous and you get loads of tips to get great results.

(this is just the first of a series of workshops with Kathleen on this subject so keep watching)

If you want to learn more about Kathleen and her approach to Contemporary Goldwork – click here.

Stop Press:
We are thrilled to tell you that Kathleen will be joining us at a quilt retreat for a weekend of layering, soldering and stitching in May 2018 at the majestic Beaumont Estate in Windsor and if you would like to learn more about this – just click here.

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