Padded Leather Goldwork with Kathleen Laurel Sage

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Padded Leather Goldwork with Kathleen Laurel Sage

Another great workshop from Kathleen Laurel-Sage where she add padded leather work into the design.


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Kathleen enjoys adding the padded leather to her work as this adds another dimension which catches the light. She talks you through the type of leather that is best for this design, how to create the padded effect with felt and the sewing sequence necessary for best results.

Once applied then the edges can be tidied up with couching, if you don’t know how to do this, Kathleen showed us how in the Couching Goldwork workshop.

She then adds purl wires as stamens in the flower, but take care when using this as once uncurled, it won’t go back!

Sequin waste creates the strawberries and finally you get to add beads!

If you want to find more information of the hoop or the beading needles – click here to go to our website.

If you enjoy slow stitching, then this is definitely the technique for you!

For Kathleen’s introduction to goldwork – click here.

If you want to learn more about Kathleen and her approach to Contemporary Goldwork – click here.

Kathleen also has a new book Golden Glamour Gold Work book. This excellent book on goldwork has a small introduction on what materials to use and how to use them followed by 11 varied projects for you to embroider, and several designs for you to experiment on with your new-found skills. In our website you can find more information about Golden Glamour Gold Work book by Kathleen Laurel Sage.

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