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Crochet Triangle Huggy Cushion with Jane Czaja

Make this delightful triangle huggy cushion which is created in double crochet stitch.

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Jane is working this delightful triangle cushion in Seriously Chunky wool by Cygnet using a size 9 hook.

To start work on the cushion you first need to create a chain. Jane shares with us a great tip on how to keep your tension correct just for this starter row. And perhaps you can think of changing the size of your hook.

In order to make the cushion a triangle you need to decrease at the beginning of each row. Jane shows you how to do this, working just in from the edge because she feels that gives you a better finish.  She also shares with us a super tip on how not to loose a stitch, and finally the top of the cushion ends with 3 stitches as Jane feels this again gives a better look and finish.

Having made the front and back triangles, you need to finish off the ends of the wool and then whip stitch round the cushion, before stuffing with toy stuffing.

You can finish the cushion off with tassels on the corners – so as well as being very huggy, this cushion has great tuggability.

The pattern is available free for subscribed members as workshop notes.


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