Churn Dash Patchwork Block Hand Pieced with Carolyn Forster

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Churn Dash Patchwork Block Hand Pieced with Carolyn Forster

Carolyn shows how to cut and piece this block by hand, with straight line sewing and no papers.


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This is hand piecing patchwork, nothing like English Paper Piecing.

This form of patchwork is really simple and requires a running stitch, it is very portable. It allows you to manipulate the seams on the reverse of your patchwork, sothey are really neat and indeed some patchwork designs are easier by hand than by machine, because of this, in particular the inset seams and those with curves such as the Applecore.

But don’t think that your quilt is any less durable, because you are sewing it by hand, that certainly isn’t the case. By keeping seams closed you are adding strength and once layered and quilted, it would be very difficult to tell the difference.

Carolyn takes you through the steps you need: creating the template, adding a sewing line, sewing sequence, how to start and how to stop, pinning, what to do when seams meet and then a great tip about leaving a tail of thread, again for strength and posterity.

There is a second part to this series with Carolyn, where she will take us through using a rotary cutter to help speed up the process, for those of us, who want to get onto the sewing sequence even quicker.

Click through to Part 2.

If you have enjoyed this idea of hand piecing patchwork, you might like to take a look at the Mystery Quilt with Sylvia Critcher, which does assume some patchwork knowledge. But if you are a complete beginner, then the My First Sampler Quilt with Valerie has workshop notes for hand patchwork.

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