#IDidntLikeToAsk Video Series

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Learning one more stitch can unlock a whole new world of creativity.

Did you know that most modern sewing machines have over 300 stitches? Most of us only use 3 to 4 stitches. We stick with what we know. And we “didn’t like to ask” because learning a new stitch can seem like hard work.

In the #IDidntLikeToAsk video series, you’ll learn how to use different elements of your sewing machine in a way that will inspire you to try new things – – from Buttonholes to Decorative Satin Stitches.

Valerie and Jayne will be your hosts. Jayne is the Janome technical expert, who is brilliant at helping us learn how to get the most from a Janome machine. Valerie is our quilting expert who will ask all the questions that we “didn’t like to ask”.

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