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Susan Rhodes

About Susan

Susan has been teaching embroidery for many years and loves to share her enthusiasm for a wide range of techniques.

She completed her City and Guilds Part II in Embroidery with the inspirational Anthea Godfrey at the London College of Fashion (as it then was).  Over the past twenty years, she has taught a wide range of classes including City and Guilds and leisure classes, with the WI, and most recently independently in the Wivenhoe and the Colchester area of Essex.

Susan took early retirement in 2013, giving her more time for embroidery and textile related activities.  She enjoys being an active participant in the local branch of the Embroiderers’ Guild, visiting more exhibitions, attending workshops and reading more about her favourite textile art topics both in print and on-line.

She has also become a student again, signing up for the City and Guilds in Patchwork and Quilting with Creative Stitch Suffolk.  According to Susan, “It’s been great to take on new challenges and learn new skills.”

Susan blogs regularly on her website, Threadlines, where she gathers together various elements of her long-standing fascination with embroidery and textile arts more generally.  Her hope is that Threadlines will widen her circle of embroidery and textile art friends, and encourage non-embroiderers to try it – just once (that’s all it takes!


Signature Technique


Susan’s Top Tips

  • The simpler the stitch, often, the more you can do with it.
  • One of the (many) aspects of textiles that I love is that you don’t need to be doing just one project. Try new things…several at a time!
  • Doing something completely new with a group of friends makes it extra special.
  • If you want to know the ‘right’ way to embroider then turn to a technique manual.

Books and Patterns

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World Quilts

Jennie: Am still in Manchester, New Hampshire, USA  at World Quilt show. Nice show with good range of classes, vendors and quilts to die for. As I was on the judging team, I had a chance for a real good look at the quilts. Lots of fabric painting and raw edged applique often covered in a fine net. Hand work is almost nonexistent although there were one or two whole cloth quilts beautifully done.

What a week

Jennie: I would never have thought that a week could go by and me not prattle on the blog! Tempus certainly fugits when you don't look. Had fab day yesterday as filmed Mandy Shaw doing some amazing Christmas stuff from dolls to other delights and then went to see Kim Thittichai who did hot stuff with Hot Spots - Wow - am I going to have twinkles and sparkly bits and not necessarily on my lizards either - you will have to hang on for that salient titbit (or is it tidbit?) until the film comes out!


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