Wonky Nine Patch patchwork quilt with Jennie Rayment

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Wonky Nine Patch patchwork quilt with Jennie Rayment

A great idea but with a twist (or is it a wonk?!)


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In this workshop Jennie shows us how to use a paper pattern – not something quilters are used to using! She also has some great tips on how to make the flimsy paper robust so that you can get lots of use out of it. Since filming however the  pattern has been discontinued. But you can be creative and make your own by drawing onto freezer paper or similar.

This wonky pattern is perfect for using up those odd bits of fabric in your cupboard, or that lonely layer cake – and what a great idea for Christmas too.

If you’re a beginner there is no need to worry about seam allowance. You’ll see everything can be trimmed up at the end!

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