Use of the angles on your ruler with Jennie Rayment

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Use of the angles on your ruler with Jennie Rayment

Let the ruler do the work – see how simple it is to create angles.


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There are usually several lines drawn at different angles on your ordinary rotary cutting ruler. These lines can be used to make cuts at the designated angle. Here 3 strips – 3″ wide are layered and then cut at 60° forming diamonds. Three diamonds can be sewn togther to make a Tumbling Block or  piece six  together for a six pointed star.

If you use the 45° line on the ruler in the same way then a subtly different shaped diamond is formed – eight of these can be put together to make an eight pointed star.

To learn more about the Tumbling Block, which is created with a Y seam, you can enjoy a workshop with Jennie on this by clicking here.

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