Transfer Painting with Lace with Mary Gamester

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Transfer Painting with Lace with Mary Gamester

You will love the designs you can create and Mary shows you how easy it is.


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In this workshop Mary shows you how you can use lace as a mask to create lovely designs. You can use this technique on projects such as book covers and also to create a lovely frame around another piece of work. And don’t forget that you can use the positive and the negative alternatives.

Mary also shares her tip on what kind of lace is best, what to avoid. She also reminds you that polycotton is the fabric that works best with the transfer inked paper; and just how magical is that colour change – you would never guess.

Transfer painting from paper to fabric is Mary’s love and if you have enjoyed this workshop you can find much more inspiration and instruction in her lovely book entitled ‘Transfer Painting’ which is available through us: as are a pack of transfer paints.

Mary has other workshops here on the site which you can also enjoy; here is the quick search Mary Gamester that will take you to the right page.

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