The Wordsmith Fabrics with Janet Clare

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The Wordsmith Fabrics with Janet Clare

We learn more about the design work behind the creation of the fabrics designed by Jane for Moda.


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Janet shares with us her original designwork that she sends in to Moda fabrics, who then turn them into wonderful fabrics. She is particularly pleased with the way that Moda honour her colour pallette – not something that we as the consumer would be aware of – we just love the end result!

Among the range of flowers – roses and gypsum blossom – there are words and graphics and who would have thought that the novel “Pride & Prejudice” would feature!

The book that accompanies the fabrics has instructions in the back of it for the Poetry quilt, the alphabet quilt and memory quilts.

The fabrics are now in quilt shops around the world and here in the UK you can purchase them through The Bramble Patch – they come as yardage and pre-cuts.

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