The Shipping Forecast patchwork series by Delia Salter

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The Shipping Forecast patchwork series by Delia Salter

31 pieces of fabric and stitchery that take us round the British Isles – this is one of Valerie’s favourites so gets a revisit!

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These textile works remain Valerie’s favourite pieces, We do hope that you enjoy them too.

A stunning piece of Patchwork


This stunning patchwork represents the various regions around the United Kingdom which form part of the daily shipping forecast bulletins. For years Delia, and thousands of others of us, have listened to this and these pieces of work are her interpretation of what she heard on any particular day.

More information on the Shipping Forecast itself can be found here on Wikipedia.

More About Delia Salter


Delia Salter – Artist’s Statement

Delia works with fabric and thread, colour and texture.

Her work relates mainly to the natural world – fields, rocks, water, weather.

She likes to portray both the permanence and fragility of the natural landscape – the constant change and renewal that gives the land and sea a timeless energy and strength, and which ultimately is also part of us.

Delia dyes the majority of her own fabrics and increasingly uses hand stitching in her work, to allow a closer connection to the work itself – handling the fabric during the construction of a piece of work brings her closer to the mood of the piece in question.

She also creates small pieces relating to the everyday and the moods and emotions that colour our lives. She always has a number of pieces of work for sale and is happy to take commissions.

Delia is currently a member of the Thames Valley Contemporary Textiles and you can visit for more information

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