TASTER: Wool Applique by Machine with Sallieann Harrison

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TASTER: Wool Applique by Machine with Sallieann Harrison

In this introduction Sallieann shares with us how she gets cotton perle 12 threads to behave to create wonderful wool applique on her sewing machine.

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Sallieann needed a way to work on more wool applique projects that hours would allow her to do by hand, so she has perfected a way of getting her sewing machine to behave with cotton perle 12 threads.

In this introduction she guides us through the needles she uses on her machine (which will fit all machines), the threads she likes, the foot that she uses, and the thread that she uses in the bobbin.

She suggests you might like to use the traditional buttonhole stitch that your machine will do, but also straight stitch and maybe feather stitch.

There is an interesting new use for dental-floss! – but do take care that you don’t move the fluff backwards into the machine – you should always make the floss flow in the direction of the thread path.

Once you have that all to hand, you do need to adjust the top tension (nothing to do with the bobbin!) – and don’t be afraid to really put that down low;  you want the thread to flow nicely.

We have a lovely small project from Sallieann coming up in a couple of weeks, so start playing and get ready.

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