TASTER: Wild Gardens textile workshop with Kate Findlay

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TASTER: Wild Gardens textile workshop with Kate Findlay

This is a delightful mixed media textile workshop from Kate Findlay in which she shares some of her design ideas to help you create your own wild garden landscape.


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Kate is a very accomplished artist and loves creating textile pictures.

In this comprehensive workshop she shows you how easy it is for you to do this at home. You would start with some pre-dyed fabric perhaps. Then with little help from freezer paper stencils ( just tracing and cut out) you add your fabric paint.

In order to create distance and perspective, you can use lighter colours and smaller shapes.  Kate shows you how you can use simple pieces of cardboard to help create the stems of your flowers , and use block printing for the wild flowers.

Once you have your background sorted, you can concentrate on the foreground. Kate adds pre-bonded collage leaf and flower shapes. These will be ironed into place before she tackles and adds any embellishment.  She suggests you could add stitching to add detail to the foliage. This can be done either with the sewing machine, or by hand  – so super for all those who like embroidery.

If you have enjoyed this workshop you might like to know that Kate will be joining us at the weekend retreat later this year creating your own fabric landscape – click here for details.




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