TASTER: Two block quilt – 54/40 & chain with Valerie

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TASTER: Two block quilt – 54/40 & chain with Valerie

Valerie talks you through two of her favourite blocks which she gets to combine here in the one quilt.

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The 54/40 block has always been a favourite of Valerie’s and is now much easier to sew together with the help of the Tri-Recs tool;  this allows you not only to be accurate with your cutting, but to create  mirror images without thinking and also allows those of you who normally work in metric to make this block too – just follow the numbers.

The second chain block acts as a joining block and is again a useful favourite of Valerie’s – indeed we did a Christmas quilt using a different style of chain.    Here however, the simple four-patch corners use the colour to  radiate out from the centre to create the chain illusion – and you can continue this with simple sashing;  Valerie explains it all.

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