TASTER: Tote-ally Bags with Jennie Rayment

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TASTER: Tote-ally Bags with Jennie Rayment

This is a great idea from Jennie, where she incorporated the handles into the design, so no need to add them later.


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Always up for a challenge, Jennie has designed this delightful bag to please one of her students who didn’t like adding handles to her bags at the end of the making process, so in this design they are completely incorporated.

You could make this bag with or without the patchwork front, but for our subscribed viewers you have the added bonus of Jennie sharing the pink bag patchwork version with you

The Trumpet cracker pattern is in her Foldy Rolly Patchwork book

The bag has a zipped pocket inside – and don’t panic at this, because as usual Jennie has a really great way of putting this in, and she also reminds us during the workshop of how to join bias strips of fabric.

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