TASTER: The Tentmakers of Cairo

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TASTER: The Tentmakers of Cairo

Learn more about these amazing craftsmen and the stunning work they create.

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We met John Fisher at the West Country Quilt Show. He shared with us details of the stunning needle-turned applique wall hangings, throws and cushion covers that are hand made by this group of people.

So, here is more information about them:

In the heart of old Islamic Cairo,  just behind Bab Zuwelah, across the bustling square lies Chariah-el-Khayamia, one of the oldest and the only remaining covered street.

The sunlight streams through the roof. The brilliant colours of the stunning applique designs dance in its rays from each shop doorway. This colourful background is a feast for the eyes and a joy to behold the master craftsmen at work.

Here is the heart and home of the ‘Tentmakers’, a small tightly knit community producing dazzling works of art. Appliqued cloth images in the same way as has been done from generation to generation for 3,000 years or more.

At one time it is said that there were more than a thousand men working in the ‘street’ now there are only about 20 shops and 30 – 40 stitchers.

Moreover, you can find more information and items to purchase on www.khayamiya.com.

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