TASTER: How to Make a Tea Cosy with Jennie Rayment

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TASTER: How to Make a Tea Cosy with Jennie Rayment

If you want to improve the table setting, then Jennie will show you how to do it right.


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A delightful addition to your table setting which you can coordinate with your room too. And do you know why milk is supposed to go into the cup first?!

Jennie guides you through some simple fused applique or broiderie perse to enhance the tea cosy with carefully chosen floral motives.

Also, Jennie has a complete workshop on broiderie perse.

You could use hearts in the same way Jennie embellished her sewing machine cover, watch here. In addition, you can find this pattern in our website.

She also suggests you could pre-quilt the background. This would mean less stopping and starting, and then there is a fast turn method for adding the lining, which is a great tip too when you make Christmas Stockings.

And if you have a Husqvarna sewing machine, Jennie shows how you can rewind the bobbing without unthreading!

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