TASTER: Stripey Octagon Quilt with Jennie Rayment

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TASTER: Stripey Octagon Quilt with Jennie Rayment

A great 12inch block, unique to Jennie, who was challenged to create this for one of her students.


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This lovely block sits happily with itself. Also, Jennie shows how to have the block spinning in the opposite direction, to create more interest.

Using the EZ Octagon acrylic template, Jennie creates the centre. Then strip pieces 3 strips of fabric and there is a great tip from her on how to save on wastage. Then cuts the triangles out, again using an acrylic template. And finally uses the partial seam technique to sew the triangles onto the Octagon centre.

After you compelete the Octagon, you need to square it off with some half-square triangle units. Jennie shows how to cut these from a 4″ strip of fabric with the EZ triangle. And by using 4 which are sew onto four sides of the Octagon, you turn it into a square – magic!

Jennie then talks you through how to spin the design which will give you more setting/designing alternatives.

If you are interested in knowing more about the Quarter Square Triangle and the use of the specially designed templates – click here.

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