TASTER: Squares on Squares with Jennie Rayment

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TASTER: Squares on Squares with Jennie Rayment

Jennie Rayment shows us how to turn simple squares into triangles which are then squares again! – and no waste!


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This is a stitch ‘n flip technique that usually leaves lots of triangles for you to use up.  You could do this in the borders but Jennie has another great idea to share with you.

Jennie has used red and green which are sort of Christmas colours, but this isn’t essential. In her workshop she has worked out how to avoid all the waste that is usually associated with the stitch/flip method of patchwork.

If you made 4 blocks such as she is holding you could put them together in the barn raising diamond format. It would be the stunning centre of a quilt.


Jennie also comes up with a variety of designs which are bound to start you thinking!

If you don’t like all that marking then the Ultimate Seam Guide may be the gadget for you. It will also work out that 3/8th’s too and is available through the shop.

And don’t waste your threadsaver either. You can check out what you can make with those little bits with just a bit of planning:   Leaders & Enders


and Valerie called this one a Rainbow Quilt – change the small squares to be the consistent colour (i.e. in her case blue) and the background squares can then be various colours (and you don’t need to stick to plain fabrics either!)

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