TASTER: Snuggle Quilt with Dawn Cameron-Dick

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TASTER: Snuggle Quilt with Dawn Cameron-Dick

This is a stash-buster quilt, which works with any colour theme and is not very complicated.


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The beauty of this lovely quilt is that you sew your blocks first and then you trim them back to size. So perfect for all sewers and no need to panic about your seam allowance!

It also works with any colour theme. So those with a stash can raid it and those without can just choose fabrics they like.

This video workshop is full of wonderful tips from Dawn which are good patchwork practice and her Pocket Tutor book is also full of them and you can take it with you!

If you have enjoyed this technique with Dawn, why not consider inviting her to teach your group! She has a vast trunk full of quilts to share with you if you invite her to lecture. You can use email to contact her, just click here.

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