TASTER: Reverse Scrap Stars with Valerie Nesbitt

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TASTER: Reverse Scrap Stars with Valerie Nesbitt

or how to use up LOTS of small 2.5″ squares!


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Valerie loves to use  2.5″ squares for her scrap quilts and indeed has shoe-boxes full of them- they are so easy to use and at the beginning of this workshop Valerie explains why.

The star block is made up in reverse in the sense that the star is the plain or background fabric and the quilt itself is made up of LOTS of the busy 2.5″ squares – and don’t worry – anything works.

This is a pic of another that Valerie made:


4_reverse-star-scrap-1 - Valerie Nesbitt - valerie


Valerie also guides you through how to create those triangles – really easy peasey (and there is another workshop to check out to use up the scraps from that too!!! click here)

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