TASTER: Recycling Mens Ties with Valerie Nesbitt

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TASTER: Recycling Mens Ties with Valerie Nesbitt

Ties come in such a wide variety of wonderful colours and can be recycled into beautiful quilts.


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Recycle Ties into Patchwork

Such a great idea to re-use ties to make quilts. Some preparation is needed in the form of unpicking the ties, washing them and then giving them a gentle press, but this can easily be done of an evening when you feel you don’t want to be completely idle (!).

The Soak product should be readily available through your local quilt shop and is a very useful to have for any of those precious hand-wash items – no rinsing and no sticky residue. – if not you can contact www.creativequilting.co.uk for more information

This idea was shared by my friend Hilary Davis of Colchester Essex and ‘Recycled Neckties’ was the largest piece in her Textiles Show at The NazeTower, Walton-on-the-Naze, Essex.Summer Exhibition which ran 26 June to 5 September 2010

www.nazetower.co.uk for current exhibition details.

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