TASTER: Pentagon Bowl with Jennie Rayment

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TASTER: Pentagon Bowl with Jennie Rayment

A delightful variation to create this lovely bowl – and Jennie share with us a ‘pay attention’ moment!


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Jennie talks us through this variation on a theme – she has in the past used the Hexagon shape detailed instructions for which are in her book ‘Stitch Bits’.

Jennie likes to use double sided craft interfacing, but you can create your own with maybe stiff stuff and Heat n Bond – if you can’t be bothered then click through to the shop !

and if you want to fussy cut your fabric –  maybe for Christmas or other holiday seasons – and show off on each of the sides of the bowl,  then do pay attention!

and at the end Jennie has a suggestion for those who love to twiddle and fiddle with her – about creating a textured version.

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