TASTER: Living in the Middle – Part 1

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TASTER: Living in the Middle – Part 1

A textile exhibition by a group of contemporary textile artists known as Stitch In the Middle.

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If you are watching the taster of this then you will have got a flavour of the work from a variety of textile artists; and  you will be able to enjoy the work of the rest of the group in Part 2.

Valerie is joined by Hilary Beattie who acted as host and guide round the exhibition where you can enjoy work from the following artists:

Janet Bevan

Linda Forey

Jill Gray

Judith Hill

Pauline Barnes

Kathy Unwin

Jill Excell

Jan Webb

and the organiser Amanda Wright.

The exhibition organiser was Amanda Wright who is also in charge of the Weaver Gallery at Church Lane, Ledbury HR8 1DW where she holds classes and workshops as well as staging exhibitions.

For more information you can contact her on: 01531633 325.

If you are inspired to have a go yourself and need product then you can get in touch with Art Van Go who have a comprehensive range of supplies.


We also have a discharge medium called deColourant here on the site – and you can watch several videos – just put ‘deColourant’ into the search box.

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