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TASTER: Hunters Star with Jennie Rayment

This traditional pattern is easier to create than it looks with simple rotary cutting.


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Jennie shows us how easy it is to create this lovely traditional pattern from simple rotary cutting triangles and diamonds.   While you do need your basic rotary cutting tools, no other special templates are required – and this means you can make this even is you are used to working in metric!

Jennie gives us a great tip about paying attention to the grain of the fabric when sewing on the diamonds and again, if you like to press your seams, think about the strip stick.

Jennie has made her quilt with just two fabrics, but you can also make this with scraps – and here you can see that Valerie has used up some of her favourites! (only some and it is still a work in progress!)


4_hunters-star - Valerie Nesbitt - valerie



and check out the clever pattern with an alternative construction method – click here.


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