TASTER: How to create continuous binding with Paula Doyle

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TASTER: How to create continuous binding with Paula Doyle

This is a very comprehensive workshop which includes bias binding, straight binding,double binding, mitred corners, and an introduction to Paula’s binding necklace.


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As an accomplished and award winning quilt maker, Paula passes on her expertize on how to create perfect binding for your quilt – in other words don’t let the binding let you down!

In this very comprehensive workshop Paula covers how to create a continuous piece of bias binding from a square of fabric;  bias is not always necessary, but when you have a scalloped edge to your quilt or indeed a circular project to bind, then it is essential.  You are shown how to draw the cut lines and then how to become the absent-minded professor for sewing.

Paula continues with creating straight binding for a project with a couple of excellent tips on how to join two strips with a bias seam; and then what to do to create a perfect mitred corner when you are using a seam allowance that is bigger than 1/4inch.

and finally, Paula shows you how to join the final strips together – again with a bias seam – and your double binding lies absolutely flat.

As a subscribed member you can have access to workshop notes for this delightful little purse, which uses a continuous piece of binding.


4_paula-pouch-project - Valerie Nesbitt - valerie

and if you like the idea of the bias binding tool, then we have a simlar one in the shop – click here to view.

and look at that lovely double-coloured binding – how effective is that!

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