TASTER: Hexagon Tree Decorations from Jennie Rayment

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TASTER: Hexagon Tree Decorations from Jennie Rayment

More delightful twiddling and fiddling from Jennie Rayment with a Christmas feel this time.


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Deck the Tree

You can never have too many Christmas decorations but you could use these as decorations for parcels too – for that special person (who will appreciate it!) and Jennie has a great tip for using up some buttons that maybe you don’t like.

Based on the hexagon and a square, Jennie  has taken a simple design and created something spectacular and if you follow her clear demonstration you will be able to as well.

If you like the idea of a  template then this is available in the shop click here

Other Ideas for a Hexagon

and of course you could use this for other hexagon designs and workshops (for more use the quick links ‘ hexagons‘  )

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