TASTER: Extreme Knitting from Valerie Nesbitt

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TASTER: Extreme Knitting from Valerie Nesbitt

This is a bit of fun and a great use of small strips of fabric perhaps too small to sew into a project.


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In this little workshop Valerie uses up thin strips of fabric to create a knitted rug;  if you know how to crochet then this is also an option.

The trick is how to join the strips when they are so thin, and Valerie has a couple of suggestions

If cotton fabrics are used the finished project is quite safe and obviously easy to wash, although it can be a little heavy.

For extreme knitting needles if not available at your local wood shop  you can visit: Outward Images

and for a bit of fun you can visit the Youtube video for Rachel John, Extreme Knitting, 1000 Strand Knit

and here is a link that just popped up on my facebook page (how do they do that!!!) Knitting with Giant Needles.

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