TASTER: Curved Drunkards Path with Dawn Cameron-Dick

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TASTER: Curved Drunkards Path with Dawn Cameron-Dick

Drunkard’s Path has never been so easy!


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You can work a great number of designs with this simple patch. It’s not dissimilar to Log Cabin in that sense. You can make it in double quick time with Dawn’s clever idea of invisible machine applique. Valerie also likes her idea of the use of spray starch! Dawn has two books for sale. You can check them on our website as well as DVD.

To learn more about her Invisible Machine applique technique – click here.

As always the right equipment makes light work of anything. So make sure you have open toed applique foot in your arsenal. If you need freezer paper it is on the shopping pages of our website.

Dawn has several workshops here on the site (you can use the Search box to find them all) including one discussing her latest book The Pocket Tutor, which is a brilliant small handbook full of useful information, particularly about threads and needles: click here for the video.

All about Dawn Cameron-Dick

Dawn is a self-taught quilter who has been making quilts for over 30 years. She has been a quilting teacher and lecturer for the last 26 years and was voted Runner-up UK Teacher of the Year in 1999.

A very traditional quilter, she uses modern products to produce her “signature” technique, Invisible Machine Appliqué. This is done on a machine, but produces perfect, hand-done-looking appliqué.

Her book on this technique was released in 2000. A DVD based on the book is also available. Her first book on the technique was released in 2000, sold over 25,000 copies and is still a strong seller! The second book, a continuation of the technique, was released 2004 and was again a hit with all levels of quilters who enjoy her friendly, casual style.

If you have enjoyed this workshop with Dawn, why not consider inviting her to teach your group, or in your shop – she isn’t afraid of travelling!

She also has a vast trunk full of quilts to share with you if you invite her to lecture.

Her website:www.dawncamerondick.com.

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