TASTER: coded:decoded – an exhibition by Prism – Part 1

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TASTER: coded:decoded – an exhibition by Prism – Part 1

An exhibition of textile inspired art – and what a talented group they are with members from across the globe.

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Coded:Decoded: Unravelling the message
this title was selected by the Prism members to reflect the many ways in which textile practice secretes coded and hidden meanings and concepts.

This group of textile artists likes to challenge the more traditional perception of needlework, textiles and art.

In this video we get to meet:

Catherine Dormer – Chair of the Prism Group
she has explored the language of cloth in its warp and weft.

Charlotte Sewell – is fascinated by the lives old ladies have already led and her art is very revealing in more ways than one!

Jacquie Parkinson – her work reveals the names of long lost girls who worked so hard ironing in secret.

Bea Sewell – has again based her work on London and it’s history; lots of little parcels reveal their secret.

Ali Brown – reinterpreted the title as a play on words and we get to enjoy silk cod floating in the breeze.

Susie Vickery – is fascinated by automaton and here we get to enjoy a triptyque on the sewing theme complete with accurate, but miniature QR codes in cross-stitch.

Julia Triston – loves to work with recycled underwear:  here we have small pieces of wall art but previously she made a Bra-Ra-Ra dress for the 4th plinth in London.

Judith Rowley – new to the group Judith chose inspiration from Sherlock Holmes and the Dancing Men.

Jackie Langfeld – organiser of this year’s exhibition Jackie loves to create 3D works of art choosing items to live together in curious juxtaposition (such as needlework with china with items from the garage) – to great effect.

Judith Hammond – has used plastic carrier bags to create lace dresses (for display purposed only!) and manages to show that this inovative lace show is so much more beautiful than it’s mundane beginnings.

Diana Barrett -one of several artists that chose braille as her inspiration;  with her glass vessels she explores the relationship between stength and fragility (and did you really hear her say that she puts wire into the bobbin of her machine?!?)

Stop Press:

The artists of Prism have an exhibition running at the Knitting & Stitching Show at Alexander Palace, 8th-12th Oct 2014 which features all NEW work.

More About Prism

The membership of the group is worldwide  If you would like to be part of this group, applications are usually invited each summer but you can find more on their website at www.prismtextiles.co.uk

We filmed an early exhibition entitled Evolve;Evoke;Expand – use the quick Search Prism to enjoy.

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