TASTER: Clamshell Patchwork with Jennie Rayment

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TASTER: Clamshell Patchwork with Jennie Rayment

Discover different methods to make clamshells, a mixture of patchwork and applique.


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Clamshells are a mixture of patchwork and applique which can be done by hand or by machine. Whilst traditionally these shapes have been sewn in a row, Jennie now suggests we might like to design our own pattern with this shape. It lends itself to forming a diamond, or a pyramid blob!

You do have to deal with at least the top edge of this shape needing to be turned under. Jennie shares with us a couple of alternative ways of doing this.

However the final step is that the shapes need to be applied onto a background. You could do this by sewing machine using one of the pre-set stitches and maybe some lovely thread. Alternatively you could do it by hand, when the stitches would be invisible.

You can also use clamshells ‘petals’ to design a beautiful pansy – as Jennie shows in this workshop.

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