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TASTER: Block Printing with Mary Gamester

Mary loves to use transfer paints and shows you what wonderful results she manages to achieve with printing blocks and other items.


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Mary guides you through how she uses her transfer paints in combination with some delightful blocks which allow her to create her very own piece of fabric – but just as a reminder you do need to work onto paper first;  then you can transfer these images onto fabric – but again another reminder that this has to be polyster to get good results.

You could also rummage around the house and find items – a kind of recycling – such as polystyrene chips (peanuts if you are in the USA), nicely shaped lids for instance, which can also be used as printing items.

More help and inspiration is available from Mary in her book Transfer Painting, of which this idea is just one chapter – and is available through our shop.

Mary has several workshops with us – which you can enjoy by using this quick search link and are also chapters in the book mentioned above.

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