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Star of David block with Jennie Rayment

This interesting twisted design is created easily with clever use of colour placement.


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Jennie has decided to work with several rotary cutting templates in this workshop and guides you through the colour, cutting and sewing sequences.  The colour placement gives you the 3D feel of a twist.

Here is another colour option that you might like to think about:

4_jh125-13b-star-of-david - Valerie Nesbitt - valerie

Jennie also uses the partial seam technique which helps to add to the twist effect.   We have used this before and if you can enjoy another workshop on this with Valerie by clicking here: (and there are also other workshops you can enjoy which are quick and easy – Bright Hope Block and Bright Hope Borders)

Jennie likes to press her seams open – you can think about the strip stick maybe to help you with this.

By using the rotary cutting templates you don’t actually have to do any maths – just follow the instructions so even if you are used to working in metric, this is a great block for you.

Finally if you want to use this as a piece of applique, Jennie shows you how to turn the block inside out with some interfacing – great idea.

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