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Stained Glass with Jennie Rayment

This is a truly delightful design from Jennie Rayment  is made easy with the use of ready-made fused bias tape.


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Based on the traditional Hexagon shape, Jennie shows you how you create this block. She talks about making a simple light-box which could be useful for other projects too – but don’t forget the one that comes built into your house – your windows!

Jennie has several other helpful tips too in this workshop including where she uses a small touch of glue to hold things in place. She creates her own bias but suggests you might like to purchase the ready-made version.  Bias comes in a wide variety of colours.  We have added yellow/pink from the shop as an option for you to think about as well as the variegated Autumn.

Finally Jennie talks about how to stitch the tape down.  She gives the suggestion of using perhaps a twin needle (also a tip that The Stitch Witch gave us a while ago).  Remember though,  to check the back of your work if you are doing this, as you may not like the effect.

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