Spicy Shibori Dyeing with Angela Daymond

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Spicy Shibori Dyeing with Angela Daymond

See what even out-of-date spices can do for your fabric with guidance from Angela.


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Angela shows us a range of ways to create dyed fabric with that tied look. She does this with the help of some simple spices from your kitchen cupboard. In this particular workshop Angela has used Turmeric and Paprika, plus some pegs and rubber bands; there is advice on how to wrap the fabric and how to get the best results.

Top tip: you might like to keep a special saucepan for this rather than use the one you cook your supper in!

There is also a second top tip from Angela to help you gauge the colour without unwrapping all your work.

You can learn more about Angela in our video and you can enjoy more about immersion dyeing, steaming with petals and lots of other ideas on dyeing from a variety of contributors on our website.

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