Scottie Dog Bag with Jo Gourlay

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Scottie Dog Bag with Jo Gourlay

Make your favourite little girl her own version of the celebrity doggie handbag carrier.


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Try your hand at easy machine quilting, mix in some fab fabric, ribbons and a bit of sparkle, not forgetting a lovable Scottie dog, and your favourite little girl is  all set for summer.

This is also a project in which you could be helped by the younger sewing generation.

Jo Says:

‘This is a great introduction to quilting and good for practising your precision and skills.’

Top tips from Jo:

  • With quilting, always aim for a clean, accurate finish. Take the time to tidy your loose thread ends by threading them onto a needle and sewing them securely and invisibly into the wadding.
  • Collect any ribbon that comes into the house, whether on birthday or Christmas presents or boxes of chocolates. You’ll always find a use for it in projects like these!
  • Keep a wooden or plastic chopstick in your sewing box for easing out corners when you turn items the right round after sewing, such as bag straps or cushions.


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