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Pick up and Knit with Rosee Woodland

Another in our beginner series of knitting workshops; there are three basic ways of doing this, and Rosee guides you through them all.


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The three useful ways you might need are – picking up from the horizontal edge; picking up from a vertical edge and picking up along a curved edge – and Rosee shows you very clearly how to do each of these.

Rosee gives you a great tip about thinking about your needle size and also how to avoid creating a flare with too many stitches.

The technique of picking up along a vertical edge is very useful for creating button bands, and Rosee again talks through how to avoid creating a flare on this;  she suggests avoiding picking up along every row and also suggests that you can be guided by your yarn thickness and of course the pattern you are following.

And finally the curved edge technique can be used around necklines and V necks;  there is a little bit of trial and error needed to get this right – again to make sure your project lies nice and flat – and Rosee also has a plan that avoids accentuating any large stitches and closing up any gaps.

So all in all – a very useful series of short workshps to help you with your knitting skills.

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