No Y Seam Tumbling Blocks with Jennie Rayment

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No Y Seam Tumbling Blocks with Jennie Rayment

Faux tumbling blocks from Jennie Rayment, created with simple strip piecing.


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Jennie is a expert in sewing a Y seam (you can check out her Y seam workshop by clicking here). But, in this workshop she shows you how you can create the same visual 3D effect without using one.

You need the same light/medium/dark fabric tones to give you that 3D perspective.  You can then use simple strip piecing to create the tumbling blocks.

Jennie also has two great little tips for you: how to cut the 60 degree angle needed by using your ruler and how to save fabric by staggering the start of your sewn strips.

If you don’t want to have the traditional 3D look, you could consider the having a fractured look.  You would create this in the same way but you just relocate the pieces differently.

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