New Video Trailer 6 – 19 January 2017

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New Video Trailer 6 – 19 January 2017

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Videos available from 6th January 2017:

On Friday January 6th, we start our New Year Mystery quilt series with Sylvia Critcher.  In this first of four parts Sylvia talks us through what we need to get started on this fascinating project and takes us as far as making the main block for the quilt.

Also on Friday 6th, we return to the West Wountry Quilt show and a fascinating in-depth interview with the Stitch Witch, Lynette Harris as she reveals some of her latest projects and patterns.

Then a week later, on Friday January 13th we reach Part Two of Sylvia Critcher’s New year Mystery Quilt where she reveals how the blocks created in part one will go together and how to connect them all.

Also on Friday 13th we meet Hilary Beatie on her very busy stand  at the West Country Quilt Show where she tells us about her ideas and inspiration in a fascinating and revealing chat with our reporter Faye.

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