Mystery Quilt with Sylvia Critcher – Part 3

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Mystery Quilt with Sylvia Critcher – Part 3

Sylvia shows us how to lay out the qult ready for sewing and then talks you through the sewing sequence.


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Again Sylvia suggests you watch all the way through so that you get an overview of what she wants you to do;

In the workshop notes she provides a clever diagram to help you with the laying out of the quilt and also a neat tip to help you keep the corect sewing sequence;  she uses an unusual sequence ,rather than the more usual way of adding sashing, as she says this will help to prevent the quilt top from warping.

Do lay out all the blocks and the sashing so that you are happy with the colour arrangement before you start sewing and if you have a camera/phone then this is often a good way to help you remember the layout.

(because we know what’s coming – try and make this a scrappy quilt and avoid having identical fabrics butting up to each other)  If you aren’t sure – wait until the reveal next week!

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