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Monoprinting with Janet Clare

Simple and effective and a great idea for children to work on too.


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Janet shares her love of monoprinting. She shows us how she worked on the delightful designs for  her lovely range of fabrics Hearty Good Wishes. Moda printed and distributed the fabrics in muted blues and greys. They remind Janet of the English coast in winter and  memories of her childhood in Kent.

If you are interested in using the same paper as Janet you should visit Muji

You can enjoy more about the fabrics and about Janet by using the quick search for the site.

Hearty Good Wishes Book

The English coast in winter is also the inspiration for Janet’s book, Hearty Good Wishes . She finds inspiration in the waves, the spray, the wild salty air and the rosy cheeks.

Janet’s chapter titles take inspiration from the various states of the waves – from calm to white caps. The projects range from quilts to hot water bottle covers.

The book is also available through us in the shop:

If you have enjoyed this workshop you would like to  watch another on monoprinting we have another workshop with  Lesley Brankin and a delightful Iris.

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