Modern Charm Quilt with Valerie Nesbitt

///Modern Charm Quilt with Valerie Nesbitt

Modern Charm Quilt with Valerie Nesbitt

Simple use of 5″ charm squares coupled with simple sewing – great for beginners and those new to patchwork.


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Scrap or charm?

Want to use up your scraps or that bundle you fell in love with at the last show/visit to a quilt shop?   Well this is a really simple design – perfect for beginners – with a very modern look.

Pitfalls to avoid

Valerie guides you through and shows you how to avoid the pitfall of a chevron in the middle of your border if you are using extra wide fabric! as well as showing you how to make sure that your seams look good across the divide of the sashing.

Simple Quilting

Simple quilting is best for modern designs as well as toning threads;  straight can be daunting, so try simple wavy – see our video on this (Simple wavy machine quilting);  use of the walking foot is essential.

And Valerie did finish the Japanese style version too:


(hope hubby doesn’t start charging appearance fees!)

Modern Quilt Appeal

Do you love modern quilts too?    Would you like to see more at a show maybe in 2014/15 here in the UK?

If so get in touch!We are trying to pull together as much interest as possible for a venture early in 2014.

(our thanks to Quiltmania for the following information)

The Modern Quilt movement was born when a group of quilters applied their tastes and points of view to the traditional craft of quilting/patchwork and started sharing their work online.   As the movement has grown a number of aesthetic principles have begun to emerge:  the desire to make primarily functional rather than decorative quilts, to reinterpret traditional blocks, to use improvisional piecing, to feature solid fabrics and/or graphic, larger scale prints and on trend colour combinations, to use grey and white as neutrals, to incoporate asymmetry and negative space in quilt design, to be inspired by modern art and architecture, to focus on finishing quilts on home sewing machines.

You can get visit the website of the Modern Quilt Guild (

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