Midsummer Mystery Quilt designed by Valerie Nesbitt – promo film

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Midsummer Mystery Quilt designed by Valerie Nesbitt – promo film

Join us on our Midsummer Day Mystery Quilt Workshop -this can also be sewn by hand and uses 2.5″ strips from your stash or that jelly rolly you have been hording. This is part of our Throwback Thursday programme so has been taken from our archives – enjoy.


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Valerie has designed a fabulous small quilt (approx 55”x45”), using your strip scraps or that  jelly roll that has been talking to you – minimum 20 strips but more is good! (and later you might need to look out some co-ordinating fabric)

The nine videos were originally loaded up throughout the day, at hourly intervals  and the idea has been to keep the design a mystery until the end! (look out for the secret gallery)

As this is from our archive section then you will find all the videos are available to you but the assumption has also been that each section can be sewn in approx 1 hour.

This project is suitable for all sewing levels and can be made by hand!

Register now so that you can be ready to start sewing straight away.

Free to subscribed members;

So get your strips ready;  organise your diary, get sandwiches and coffee planned, and join us

this was originally posted  10am on Midsummer Saturday – 21st June so all nine videos are now  there for you!

Click here for Part 1

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