Meet Marilyn Lovett – President of the Quiters’ Guild of the British Isles

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Meet Marilyn Lovett – President of the Quiters’ Guild of the British Isles

Learn just how you could be part of the Olympics with your sewing as well as finding out more about the Quilters Guild – which according to it’s President is for friendship and fun.

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The Quilters’ Guild of the British Isles is an independent registered educational charity which is dedicated to preserving the heritage and craft of quilting and patchwork in the UK. The Guild has its Head Office and Museum at St Anthony’s Hall, Peasholme Green in York where it moved in 2008 after many years searching for a suitable home.

The Guild has divided the British Isles into 18 different regions so there is bound to be one near you
visit to find out.

About Marilyn:

Marilyn first tried patchwork when living in Naples, but it was not until she lived in the States that she became truly hooked. She joined The Guild in about 1996 and has had such fun ever since.

Marilyn has been an area rep and Coordinator for Region 3. After becoming a Guild Trustee, Marilyn took on the responsibility of Head of Marketing for two years and then in May 2010 she was elected Guild President. She is quick to point out that this doesn’t make her a better quilter than anyone else, just someone who is willing to share the “admin doing” part of The Guild.

She says she is still a very average quilter.

Marilyn is looking forward to being part of the next step in The Guild’s history and still having fun and making more friends along the way.

Unfolding the Quilts: a note from the Guild website states:

Thanks to everyone who has voted for our project “Unfolding the Quilts”, based at the Quilt Museum and Gallery, York in the ‘Best Heritage Project’ category of the National Lottery Awards 2011.

Here is some other Information on two other projects involving the Quilters Guild and connected to the 2012 Olympic Games:

A Gift of Quilts

The target of 500 quilt registrations has been achieved – well done to the co-ordinators Jenny Rundle and Sharon Garrick. If you are still busy making a promised quilt, the deadline is 30th November!

They are currently raising funds to store all the quilts safely and more information can be obtained from or check out our blog on the subject.

“Quilts 4 London” is being organised by Irene Heathcote and Catherine Hill. This project is aiming to make a pennant for each participant in the Olympics and Paralympics. On their website, you can find instructions and templates to download and pictures of the many pennants already made for your inspiration. The group needs 14,000 pennants to give one to each Olympic participant: their deadline is Dec 30th – so if you would like to help you will need to get sewing!

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